Contacts in KW Command is your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system provided by Keller Williams. Even if you use another CRM, you will need to have your contacts in Command in order for Opportunities to work (and for you to get paid!)


If you would like to import your contacts into Command, you can do so one of two ways.



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CSV File Import


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Getting a Contact's Health Score to 100%

CSV File Import

1: If your current database allows you to export your contacts into a CSV file you can download this template (DO NOT MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THE COLUMN HEADERS), copy and paste from the exported list, and import the new template into Command. If you need help with this you can contact Brian for assistance. To import the template log into Command here, click on "Contacts," then click the "Import" button.

2: Before you import the template you must make sure you have at least their first and last name in the CSV file or the import will fail. You can drag and drop the CSV file onto this screen, or you can click it and browse to the file you have saved.

3: Once the template is attached click the "Import Contacts" button.


1: Piesync is an online platform that allows you to sync your contacts between multiple CRM's. To get started (and to see if your CRM is compatible with Piesync) log into Command here, click the dropdown next to your name, and click on "Settings."

2: Scroll down until you get to the "Productivity" section. When you find "Piesync" click the "Connect Account" button.

3: There are dozens of CRM's that are compatible with Piesync. You can scroll through the list, or type in the name in the search box. Once you find your CRM, click on it. You will be asked to log into your account in order to connect it. Once you do so follow the prompts to connect your CRM to Command. If your CRM isn't in the list you can scroll to the bottom of the screen and submit your CRM to Piesync so that they can work with them on becoming compatible.

Getting a Contact's Health Score to 100%

20% Name

20% Phone

20% Email

20% Address

4% Tag

4% Social Media Account

4% Lead Source

4% Birthday

4% Company or Profession

Keller Williams Realty, Corona

4160 Temescal Canyon Road Suite 500

Corona, CA 92883

(951) 338-0200 office

(951) 338-0214 fax

DRE# 01406566

NRDS: 016009814


Pro Group Escrow

4160 Temescal Canyon Road Suite 510

Corona, CA 92883

(951) 338-0222 office

(951) 338-0213 fax