In Command you have the ability to send an email with a template that you created in Designs, either through an Email Campaign, or a SmartPlan. In this section you will learn how to design an email template, then use is in an Email Campaign.

Email Campaign Using a Template from Designs

1: Log into Command here, then on the left click the 9th icon called Designs..

2: Click on the + at the bottom right.

3: Click "Email", then "Next."

4: Click "Create New Template" in the upper right.

5: Give this template a unique name so it's easier to find later on.

6: Now this part is up to you. Do you want a picture first, or text? How about a Market Snapshot? Simply click and drag any widget from the right to the left, and when you see the green line, release the mouse click. Do this for all the widgets you want to use. In this example I will just use a text, picture, and a Market Snap widget.

7: To edit the Text widget, double-click on the "Insert your text here" line. This will bring up a box on the right that you can then type in, or paste text in. Make any text changes you want, then click "Done."

8: For the Image widget, you can search for pictures from a listing of yours, or upload you own. If you want one from a listing, click on it to select it (you'll see a border around the picture when it's selected,), then "Save." The same goes for a picture of your own that you upload. Once it's uploaded, click on it, then Save.

9: For the Market Snap widget, click the "pencil" near the border of the widget, type in a new Header if you want, type in the zip code that you want the info for, then select the Neighborhood, and finally "Done."

10: Once you feel you are done, click "Save & Exit" at the top. You can always come back later to change anything.

11: Now, we have to create an email campaign. Click the 7th icon on the right called "Campaigns."

12: Click "Create a New Campaign" in the upper right.

13: Click Email.

14: Give the campaign a new name (something that's easy to identify among other campaigns), choose a goal, then "Set Up Campaign."

15: You can't change anything in steps 1-2, so go to step 3. You will need to set up a list of emails BEFORE you send this email campaign. You won't be able to send this email to just 1 person. First, click on "Create List." (If you already have a list of contacts, skip to step 17.)

16: Give this list a unique name, such as Sellers, Buyers, or whatever group you want to send emails to. Next, you can filter your database by tag, if you use them. Click on the Tags button, select the tag, then Select All. Or you can select your entire database too! Once you have your list selected, click "Confirm."

NOTE: You may see some missing names. This is most likely due to them missing an email address. If they don't have one, you won't be able to add this to this list.

17: You can't change anything in steps 4, so go to step 5 and type in an email subject.

18: After the email subject, click on the "Select design content for your email button." The email template you just created should be first in this list. Click on it, make any last minute changes you may need, then "Save & Exit."

19: That's it! Now you can either schedule the email campaign, or click "Send" to send it right away.

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