The KW Mobile App is a great tool for your clients and leads to use, and have come to expect from Realtors who are up-to-date on the latest technology. It also provides you, the agent, with a great lead-generation and customer insight tool. You'll want to publicize and market the KW Mobile App along with your Agent Code to get as many clients branding the app too you. This will give your leads and clients access to you when they are interested in a property.


The mobile app was designed by Smarter Agent, and the IDX feed for its listings are powered by WolfNet. WolfNet also powers your eAgentC website's property search. Because Keller Williams also uses Market Leader (which manages your eEdge website and contact database), any leads generated by the app (a WolfNet product) are automatically shared with your eEdge myContacts database (a Market Leader product). This means that you won't need to manage two separate databases. All leads are funneled into Keller Williams' eEdge system.



STEP 1 Where to Download the App


The KW Mobile App is available for Apple iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), and Google Android Devices (smartphones and tablets). Click the button below for the device you're using to be taken to the app download page for that device.





Google Android Devices

Apple iOS Devices

STEP 2 Where to Find Your Agent Code


In order for you and your client to brand the mobile app to you, they must enter your Agent Code, or find you in the agent search in the app. Your Agent Code is located in Section 4.5 of myKW's eAgentC Administration. All Agent Codes begin with KW and are sever (7) total characters long.








STEP 3 What Does The App Do for Your Clients?

  • Search properties for sale in an area by drawing with their finger

  • Find properties for sale around them based on their GPS location

  • Find points of interest (schools, shopping, grocery, etc.) around their search area.

  • Search MLS listings in any area, even outside the branded-agents' MLS.

  • Save notes on listings.

  • View full property details and full-screen listing photos.

  • View overhead satellite imagery of properties.
  • View prices of properties for sale directly on a map.

  • Save searches and favorite properties by registering a WolfNet Search saver account.

  • Calculate mortgage.

  • Search based on minimum/maximum price, number of beds/baths, etc., by MLS number.

  • View rental properties or open houses.

  • Contact their Realtor (the branded agent) by phone and/or email from within the app.

  • Share listings via Facebook, Twitter, and email.

STEP 4 What Does The App Do for You?


Top of Mind


As long as clients have branded the app to you, every time your client opens the app, your name and photo will be displayed on startup. As users browse listings, your name will be displayed. This keeps you at top of mind with your clients.



Phone & Email Contact


When users tap Contact at the bottom of a listing's detail page, they will be prompted to call or email you, if they are using a smartphone. If users are using the app on a tablet, they will be prompted to email you (since tablets cannot make phone calls over traditional phone carriers).


Lead Generation


When clients "Favorite" a listing in the app, they are prompted to create a WoldNet Search Saver account. If they do, and their app is branded to you, they will be added to your WolfNet Back Office under My Leads. All of your WolfNet leads can be found in the Back Office under My Leads ► Reports. Leads from the mobile app are distinguished by a smartphone icon. Leads will also automatically be added to your eEdge myContacts database as well as classified with a Status of Lead, and be automatically placed in myLeads. Leads who come from your app will appear in your myContacts database with a Source of Lead Insert API.

It is important to note that the app must be branded to you in order for leads who register in the app to be funneled to you. Otherwise, the app will display generic Keller Williams branding, and any leads who register will be distributed automatically to the local Market Center.

Customer Behavior (Saved Properties & Searches)


Agents can view a lead's favorite/saved listings and saved searches for those who create a WolfNet Search Saver account. This information is accessed through the WolfNet Back Office under My Leads and viewing the details of a contact. All of your WolfNet leads and their info can be found in the WolfNet Back Office under My Leads ► Reports.

STEP 5 How to Promote Your App

eEdge Mobile App Custom Page


You can use your eEdge website's Custom Page to provide one-stop marketing, instructions, Agent Code, and links to download the app for both iOS and Android devices.


To add the KW Mobile App page for your eEdge website's Custom Page...


  1. Click here to be taken to the Manage eEgentC Website Section 4.5
  2. Take note of the 9-digit code next to My Agent Code. This is your personal agent code to brand the mobile app to you.
  3. Click the Download HTML Code button below to download the document that contains the HTML code you'll need for the My Mobile App Custom Page.
  4. Open the document you just downloaded. In it you will see red text that says ENTER YOUR CODE HERE. Replace all of the red text with your agent code you got from step 2. DO NOT delete anything else.
  5. On your keyboard press CRTL+A (Command+A on Mac). This will highlight all of the text in the document. When all of the text is highlighted, press CTRL+C (Command+C on Mac). This will copy of the text that you'll need to paste on your custom page.
  6. Go back to where you created your custom page. Click on the very last button in the toolbar in the middle of the page (the one marked with <>). This is the Source Code button. If there is text in the Source code window that comes up, highlight all of it and delete it. On your keyboard, press CTRL+V (Command+V on Mac) in the Source code window.
  7. Click the blue Ok button. You should see a page similar to the image on the right.
  8. Click the red Save button.


You can now navigate to your eEdge website (or refresh the page if you're already there) to see your new KW Mobile App Page.


Download HTML Code

STEP 6 Track Your App Downloads

myKW Home Page ► Reports ► Reports ► Rankings ► Agent Mobile Downloads

eEdge Mobile App Custom Page


You can find out how you rank in app downloads (technically, app branding) against other agents in ALL of Keller Williams by accessing the reports available through myKW.  You are automatically listed at the top of the report to see your rank and downloads. You can use the binoculars icon in the upper-left of the report search for your name, region, or market center. A "download" is attributed to you when a user enters your Agent Code (or selects you through the Agent Search) to brand the app to you.




STEP 7 Get More Training



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