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STEP 1 Navigate to the My Referrals & KW Whitepages Editor

myKW Home Page Profile

To navigate to the KW Whitepages editor...


  1. Log into
  2. Click here to get to the profile selection screen.
    Or click
    Profile under your profile completeness bar on the myKW home page.
  3. Click Edit under My Referrals in the Other (3rd) column.


STEP 2 Edit My Referrals Information

myKW Home Page Profile Other/My Referrals [Edit]

Team Name 0%

If you belong to a team, you can enter it here. If not, you can enter Keller Williams Corona.


Specialties 5%

You're a specialist in anything and everything. Enter whatever you feel comfortable with.


Designations 1%

Enter any designations you've earned (GSR, MBA, etc.). You can copy and paste REALTOR® from this page in order to include the (technically required) registration mark.


Slogan 1%

Enter a creative slogan here, or your motto.


Service Areas 5% (first area only)

These are the cities, town, and neighborhoods in which you wish to do business.


To add your service areas...

  1. Click Add Service Area
    A new page will open. If you get a red error page, log out of myKW and try again, or try in a different web browser.
  2. Type a city, town, or neighborhood into the Add Service Area field.
  3. Click the Submit button.

You can continue adding service areas in this manner.



Languages Spoken 1%

Select any language in which you are proficient. If you need to select more than one language, hold CTRL (on a PC) or COMMAND (on a Mac) whiile clicking to select more than one language.






Website 0%

By default, this is the URL for your eAgentC website. New agents may wish to use their eEdge website instead. You can change your default website under Manage eAgentC Website - Section 2.4 Edit Site Info. Select the Alternate radio button next to Website to Display, then enter the URL of the website you wish to use there.


Referral Notes 1%

Enter what you pay to agents who referr business to you. The public will not see this. Only other agents will see this in the KW Whitepages.



Don't forget to save. Even though they are on the same page, your My Referrals info and KW Whitepages info are saved independently of each other. The Save button here will save your My Referrals info. Click it before continuing to your KW Whitepages info.




STEP 3 Edit KW Whitepages Information

myKW Home Page Profile My KW Info/Whitepages [Edit]


Agent Photo 10%

Upload your professional headshot photo here. A square-cropped, medium-resolution image is best here. You will need the Java plugin installed on your computer to run the photo uploader.















First & Last Name 10%

Enter your first and last name here.



User Name 0%

This is the username with which you log into myKW. It can be changed if you are not happy with yours, but DO NOT change this without help from the Technology Coordinator.


Business Address 20% total

This address is viewable by other agents. You should not use your home address here. Enter the address of your primary Keller Williams market center or business center.







Phone Numbers 10% total

Enter your market center's or business center's phone number in the Business field for 5 percentage points. Enter your mobile phone number for another 5%. Your home phone does not add any percentage points. Use it only if you wish.



Mobile Carrier 5%

Enter your mobile phone number and carrier to receive leads and messages from KW websites (eEdge website lead text alerts are managed elsewhere).





Country 2%

Review your country here. You can also change your gender and salutation here.




Biography 5%

Enter your "biography" here. A rèsumè-style description of previous experience works well for new agents here.

  • TECH TIP: Write your biography in a separate text editor application and copy-and-paste it here for more typing space. Display URL 0%

This phrase shortens your public KW profile, makes it easier to memorize, and can generate Google SEO.

  • Enter ONLY a short phrase here, with words separated by hyphens or underscores.
  • Use your name and/or words like "homes", "for-sale", or "Corona".
  • Do not enter a full URL. Whatever phrase you set here will be at the end of your profile URL. A shortened URL will be formatted as...


Facebook Profile "Username" 3%

This should ONLY be the "username" that immediately follows when viewing your personal Facebook profile or Facebook business page. If you have not set a Facebook username, you can set one at If you not have a facebook account, you may enter kellerwilliamscorona here to link to the office's Facebook page, and receive profile points.


Twitter Username 1%

This should ONLY be your Twitter username. DO NOT include an @ sign or the full URL to your Twitter profile. If you do not have a Twitter account, you may enter kwri here to link to Keller Williams Realty International's Twitter feed, and receive profile points.


Blog URL 3%

This should full URL to your blog. You MUST begin the URL with http:// or the link will not work correctly. If you do not have a blog, you can enter here, and receive profile points.


YouTube URL 0%

Enter a URL here that links to a single YouTube marketing video about yourself (not a YouTube channel). The URL MUST follow the format...

To get a link with the correct formatting, click Share under a YouTube video, and copy the link it provides you. You MUST include http:// in the URL.


Google+ Profile "Username" 1%

If you use Google+, enter your profile number here. Your profile number immediately follows when viewing your

Google+ profile. Google+ is now allowing users to set usernames, and you may be able to use your username here if you have set one.


LinkedIn Profile "Username" 3%

If you have a LinkedIn profile, enter your public profile "username" here. Your "username" immediately follows If you have not set a public profile URL, you can set one at


Display for Customers: Yes 5%

Keep this set to Yes, or your profile will not be visible or searchable to the public on the Agent Search.


Email Address 10%

This is the email address where you will receive communications from the Market Center Intranet and from other KW technologies. If you change your email address, make sure to update this field.


Share Listings 0%

You can search for another agent with whom to share your listings. This does not affect sharing on your eEdge website. Learn how to share listings on eEdge websites.



The Save button here will save your KW Whitepages info ONLY. Click it only if you have already saved your My Referrals info previously.

STEP 4 Check Your Public Profile on Agent Search

To image to the left shows a 100% complete profile on Check the following to make sure your profile works correctly...


  1. Search for yourself using the agent search.
    If you don't appear in the search results, you should check to make sure
    Display for Customers is CHECKED in your KW Whitepages Profile...
  2. Click View My Profile under your name in the search results.
  3. Review your Agent Profile page for correct phone numbers and spelling.
  4. Review the URL in your browser's address bar. Make sure it ends with the phrase that you set under Display URL in your Whitepages Profile...
    If you set a Display URL, the URL to your Agent Profile should follow the format, where the blank is the phrase you set for your Display URL.
  5. Click all of the social media links on your profile page to make sure that they take you to the correct website.
  6. If you set a YouTube Video ID in your Whitepages Profile, make sure it appears in the right-hand column and plays properly.
  7. If you currently have any listings make sure they appear under My Featured Properties in the right-hand column.
  8. Click Visit My Website, and make sure it correctly links to your eEgentC site (by default) or eEdge website.
  9. Use the Have a Question? I'm Here to Help. contact form to send an email to yourself from the website.
    You should receive an email with your message from the site in it, and you should receive a notification that a new lead has been added to your myContacts database.

Keller Williams Realty, Corona

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Corona, CA 92883

(951) 338-0200 office

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DRE# 01406566


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Corona, CA 92883

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