In Command you can make a couple different types of websites, depending on your need. Landing pages allow you to make single-page websites that are specific to listings, or a snapshot of a certain area that you service or a client is interested in. To make the later stages easier it's best if you complete your Marketing Profile first. You can find those instructions here.

Landing Pages

1: Log into Command here, then on the left column click the second-to-last icon called Consumer.

2: Under your picture and name click on the "Create a new Site" button.

3: On the "Choose Page Type" window click on "As A Standalone Page," then the "Create Page" button.

4: Now you'll start designing the page for your needs. I typically start with the branded header, but it can be done in any order you want. Click and drag any of the widgets on the right over to the blank white space on the left. When you see the green line on the left you can release your mouse button to drop the widget in place of the green line.

5: Next, drag the Listing widget over and you'll see the green line again. In this example the Listing widget will appear under the Branded Header widget. Don't worry about the pictures or info being wrong. We will configure these later.

6: Next, scroll down to the end of the page, then drag the Lead Form widget over. Because you're dragging the widget to underneath the Listing widget you may not see the green line in its entirety. You MAY be able to see the green corners of the line as shown below in the red circle. When you release the mouse try scolling down. If it worked you will scroll down and see the Lead Form widget titled "Interested? Let's Talk!"

7: Once you are done configuring the page the way you want, click the "Configure Widget" button at the bottom right.

8: Depending on how many widgets you used that number will show up in the list. Because I only used 3 widgets, I can only configure 3.

9: Fill out everything in this widget. The Header Text is required, but limited to 30 characters. If you completed your Marketing Profile prior to starting this then most of the information will auto-populate. Once you are done configuring this widget click the Save and Apply button at the bottom.

10: To configure the next widget click the right-arrow at the top under the Publish Page button.

11: Next we'll configure the Listing widget with a listing of our own. Click the Browse Listings button. Type in the property address then click Search. Normally just the street name and number will suffice, but sometimes you will need to add the city too. Once you find your listing click on the Select button next to it. The first picture of your listing in the MLS will be the main picture on the page. If you wish to change it select from the list of images under Header Image. When you are done click the Save and Apply button at the bottom. You will see the widget on the left change with your listing picture and text from the MLS.

12: To configure the next widget click the right-arrow at the top under the Publish Page button.

13: There isn't much to change on the Lead Form widget other than the title. If you don't want it to say "Interested? Let's Talk" then you can change that.

14: The last step is to give the page a name that will help you to identify it easier at a later point. It might be easiest to name it after the listing. Once you give it a name click the Publish Page button at the top right of the page. Click the Yes button to make the page go live (no one will know about it yet so don't worry if you need to go in a change it later.)

15: Once you complete all the previous tasks you will be brought back to the page where all of your landing pages will reside. The green button under status means the page is live. The URL is the address you can post or email out to your clients. As you can see the address really isn't that appealing. You can change part of that though. Click the 3 dots to the right and click on Change URL. You can only change the very end part of the URL (after the 6-digit string.) Click the Create button to save the name. You are done. You can now share this URL with the world. If you still don't like the URL, and have a custom domain, you can create a subdomain and forward that domain to this URL. Here's an article from GoDaddy on creating one, and here's one on forwarding.

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