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Broadcast Referral

Referrals in KW Command is the place where you can share client contact information with another KW agent that you know. Broadcast Referrals allows you to send out a broadcast to many KW agents and reward a selected one based on their response.



1: Log into KW Command here

2: Click "Referrals" on the left side of the screen

3: Click on "Map"

4: Using the search bar type in the area your client is interested in. You can search by city and state, or by zip code.

5: On the right side you will see a button that says "Broadcast Referral (number). If the number is 50 or below click the button. For now the max you can send referrals to is 50. When you do a search it might come up with over 50 KW agents in the area. You will need to zoom in, or click and drag the map around slightly, to get 50 or under. By default the list of agents that appear are listed by Closed Units. You can change it to randomize the list so you're not giving it to a Mega.

6: On this screen you will fill out as much information as you can/wish. Your clients' personal information will NOT be sent to the list of referral agents. The list of referral agents will get an email stating that they have a Broadcast Referral opportunity. When they reply you will then choose an agent through the Referrals button from earlier based on their response, then reward them the contact info of your client.

6 Bonus: This is the screen every recipent of the Broadcast Referral will see

7:Under the "Inbound" tab in Referrals every agent that responds to the broadcast will show up like below. You can click the little dropdown arrow to view their reason to be chosen. When you find an agent you want to send the referral to just click the "Award Referral" button.

8:When you click the "Award Referral" button you will be presented with this screen to inform the agent that you have chosen them. Upon doing so they will receive your client's information. This will not add them as a client into their database automatically. You should also add a note to this contact that you have sent their information to another agent so everything is documented.

9:Alternatively, if you receive a Broadcast Referral when you click on the link in your email it'll take you to the Command home page. Click on "Referrals" on the left of the screen, and look under the "New Response" section for the referral opportunity. There you will submit your reasons why they need to choose you.

Keller Williams Realty, Corona

4160 Temescal Canyon Road Suite 500

Corona, CA 92883

(951) 338-0200 office

(951) 338-0214 fax


DRE# 01406566

NRDS: 016009814


Pro Group Escrow

4160 Temescal Canyon Road Suite 510

Corona, CA 92883

(951) 338-0222 office

(951) 338-0213 fax