You may follow along with the videos below, but please DO NOT try to change your myKW password, activate your email address, or activate eEdge on your own! This will be done by the I.T. Director for you.

This page will familiarize you with some of the important and useful areas of the myKW website. You can log into myKW at and follow along with the videos.


Among other things, this page and the videos in it will cover:

  • Changing your myKW login and KW email passwords
  • Listing syndication with the KWLS
  • Where to find answers with KWConnect
  • Where to find KW logos
  • Where to get business cards
  • Where to find the Market Center Intranet and Training Calendar
  • How to set up your KW Agent Whitepages Profile
  • Office resources available to you: wifi, printers, voicemail, etc.

Please watch each of the videos on this page and write down any questions that you have. When you are comfortable with the myKW website, you can move on to the Introduction to eEdge page.

Technology Tab

Change Password

This is where you can change your myKW password.


Should you forget your password, you can request a password reset link here. You can have the reset link sent to your email address on file, or to the Market Center Administrator who can then forward the email to you.

KW Email

  • Sign Up
    Your requested email address will be set up...
  • Reset Password or Update Forwarding
    You can view, modify, or stop your email forwarding settings here (although it is recommended that you edit this directly within your email account here). You can also synchronize your email password and your myKW password, or manually change your email password here should you forget it.

Home Tab


The Keller Williams Listing System is a Keller Williams' own listing syndication system. Because it is independent from the local MLS, agents can use the KWLS to brand their listings (add the agent's contact information and photo, as well as add branded virtual tours) which is forbidden by the local MLS. The KWLS's syndication will override the local MLS so that the agent-branded listings will go out to sites like Trulia, Zillow, and even Century 21.


Listings in the KWLS are also used to generate greensheets (the paperwork agents use to get paid).


Agents will typically enter their listings into the local MLS first, then within 24 to 72 hours, the MLS listing will appear in the KWLS where it can be branded or used to generate a greensheet.

  • Enter or Edit listings
    Here you can view your listings that have come in from the MLS, enter listings in the KWLS manually, or edit listings.

KW Luxury

KW Luxury is a division of Keller Williams Realty that agents may join. KW Luxury provides agents with specialized branding options and an additional luxury website. Any agent is more than welcome to sell homes $500,000 and up without luxury branding, but for agents who wish to specialize in the area, joining KW Luxury division is recommended.


Agent Mountain

Agent Mountain includes a monthly video or audio piece featuring Gary Keller that provides agents with advice, tips, and inspiration. Click the Library link on the page to find a host of educational resources to help you succeed.

The KWLS can also be accessed from myKW Home Page ► eEdge Control Panel ► myMarketing [+] Button ► Manage KWLS

Education Tab


KWConnect is an important resource for new agents. Essentially, it is the encyclopedia for Keller Williams. You will hear many "Kellerisms" as a new agent, and KWConnect will help you understand them. Click the Agents link at the top of the KWConnect page to find an index or resources about eEdge, eAgentC, the KWLS, Greensheets, and more. Use the search box at the top of the KWConnect page to search for terms that you come across and want to learn about.

Continuing Education

This page features paid courses that count toward the continuing education requirements for your real estate license. Select your state in which you're licensed to view the courses available to you and their prices.

Marketing Tab

Standards & Identity

The Standards & Identity page provides rules and guidelines for using Keller Williams Logos, the REALTOR® trade name, printed material, yard signs, and more.


Logos & Graphics

This page includes generic Keller Williams Realty logos for web and print use.

Color Matching

On this page, you can find official Keller Williams colors in Pantone and CMYK values for print, and HEX and RGB values for web use. If you're having material (such as business cards or a vehicle wrap) professionally printed, you can provide a copy of this page to your printing company.


Social Media

You'll find basic, introductory information about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even backgrounds for your Twitter profile on this page.

Resources Tab

Vendor Search

This page lists Keller Williams-approved vendors for various products. You can design and order your business cards from a variety of printing companies by selecting Printed Materials & Print Advertising from the drop-down box on the page.


Most vendors are set up for KW branding. Michael Lewis Marketing Suite is a good choice, and can gets cards in about a week.


Logos & Graphics

This page includes generic Keller Williams Realty logos for web and print use.

Welcome New Associates

This pages brings together some of the more useful pages from around the myKW website into one place.

  • KW Technology Set Up Checklist
    The original PDF file for the KW Technology Set Up Checklist has been replaced with a less-than-useful, single PowerPoint slide. You can download the more useful KW Technology To-Do List for your First 30 Days PDF on this website.

Online 411

The 4-1-1 is a goal management tool that stands for 4 weeks, 1 month, 1 year. The Online 411 is basically an 8.5"x11" sheet of paper that starts from the bottom with your weekly business and personal goals for the 4 weeks in the month. Those goals should build you up to the middle section - your goals for the current month. Finally, your monthly goals should build you up toward your "Big Rocks" - your yearly goals.


The Online 411 will keep track of the goals you enter into it and complete. Any goals not completed for the month will be carried over to the next month.

Market Center Intranet & Training Calendar

myMarket Center Intranet

The Market Center Intranet is an important and popular place for agents. Think of it like an online bulletin board just for our office. Agents can post their listings, open houses, plumbers/painters/inspectors needed, etc. Staff can also post announcements for the office here. Most posts will also be sent to agents' email as well as appearing here. Every morning, you will receive the Daily Digest in your email, which summarizes the posts for the previous day, and gives you a schedule for the next few upcoming training sessions.


You can click the red + Add Post button to add a post. You can adjust what notifications you receive in your email, and how often you receive the Daily Digest here.

Training Calendar

"Keller Williams Realty is a training and coaching company that just happens to be in the business of real estate."

- Gary Keller


Training is a huge part of Keller Williams, and our office prides itself on the training opportunities we offer to agents. The Training Calendar is where agents can go to view and register for upcoming training sessions. You can move your mouse over the mini calendar to view the full-size Training Calendar. From the full-size calendar, you can click on training sessions to view their location, presenter, details, and register for them.

KW Whitepages Profile

Whitepages Profile

If you look under your (possibly blank) photo in the upper-left corner of myKW, you may see a Profile Completeness bar, and it is likely only 26% full. One of the first things you want to do as a new agent is get your Whitepages Profile up to at least 90% complete.


Your Whitepages Profile is what agents will see when they are looking for referral agents through myKW. Your profile contains some personal info, your office info, a bio, social media links, your areas served, your referral commission, your slogan, and more.


Be careful that you do not enter private, personal information (such as your home address in the Address field). Enter your office address there. The information you enter into your Whitepages Profile is publicly viewable on the websites by clients looking for agents. Agent Profile

Your Agent Profile is, in a sense, your third website (along with your eEdge and eAgentC websites). It is the public face of your Whitepages Profile. Your Agent Profile provides a subset of your Whitepages Profile information to be viewable and searchable by the public on the website (although it can be hidden if you wish).


Since your Agent Profile pulls information from your Whitepages Profile, any changes you make to your Whitepages Profile will be instantly changed for your Agent Profile as well.


Along with information and social medial links you enter into your Whitepages Profile, your Agent Profile will also show your listings so that clients can make offers on them when viewing your profile on the website. It is important that your Whitepages Profile is professional and as complete as possible.

Office Resources


The following technology resources are available to you as an agent with our office...

Resource Computers

Computers in the Virtual Room, Conference Room, and Training Room are available for you to use at any time.


Office Copiers

The Xerox WorkCentre 5875 and ColorQube 9303 printer/scanner/copy machines are available in the Mail Room and West Hall (next to Agent Services Director) for agents to use. Agents will need to use their PIN to print from their computer, and to log into the machine to use the features available. Print and copy charges will be added to the agent's monthly bill at 5¢ per black and white page (your first 500 black and white copies/prints are free) and 25¢ per color page. If you are a new agent, or bought a new computer, please see the I.T. Director and they will configure your computer to the copiers. This will only take about 10 minutes.


Office Wi-Fi

Wi-fi is available throughout the office. There is a private, password-protected network named KWRCFLOOR5 for use by agents. You will need to get the password from the I.T. Director, Agent Services Direct, or the Director of First Impressions. Access to the office copiers is only available on the KWRCFLOOR5 network. If you are connected to any other Wi-fi network, your print jobs will not work. The Training Room has Apple AirPlay capability so that agents can mirror their Apple devices onto the projector.

After Hours

The office is open for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After business and building hours, agents will need to use their access card on the card readers to get into the building and suite. The doors will automatically lock after entry and exit. Below are the business and building lock and unlock schedules...


Keller Williams Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 8-5 - Doors are unlocked and access card is not needed (except on hall door).

Saturday - Doors are locked all day, but receptionist is here to open doors for clients.

Sunday - Doors locked all day, no receptionist here.


Building Hours:

Monday - Friday 7-10:30 - Doors are unlocked and access card is not needed.

Saturday 7-2 - Doors are unlocked and access card is not needed

Sunday - Doors locked all day. Access card needed to enter building.


Elevator Hours:

Monday - Friday 7-7 - Elevators are unlocked and access card is not needed.

Saturday 7-2 - Elevators are unlocked and access card is not needed.

Sunday - Elevators are locked all day. Access card needed to ascend to 5th floor.


If you lose your access card, please notify the I.T. Director immediately! You will be charged $30 for a replacement access card.

Keller Williams Realty, Corona

4160 Temescal Canyon Road Suite 500

Corona, CA 92883

(951) 338-0200 office

(951) 338-0214 fax

DRE# 01406566

NRDS: 016009814


Pro Group Escrow

4160 Temescal Canyon Road Suite 510

Corona, CA 92883

(951) 338-0222 office

(951) 338-0213 fax