You may follow along with the videos below, but please DO NOT try to change your myKW password, activate your email address, or activate eEdge on your own! This will be done by the I.T. Director for you.

eEdge is a contact, marketing, and transaction management platform provided to you as a Keller Williams agent at no additional cost. It's the central hub where you will manage your business.


You are not required to use eEdge except for myTransactions/DotLoop. The office requires that all paperwork for a transaction be submitted digitally (paperless) through myTransactions/DotLoop.


eEdge is the product of three companies working together. Most features of eEdge are managed by Market Leader. These features include your myContacts database, your eEdge website, marketing campaigns, and marketing materials. The myTransactions portion of eEdge is managed by DotLoop. Finally, your eAgentC website is managed by WolfNet.

These companies work together as eEdge. For instance, if you add a buyer or seller to a contract in myTransactions/DotLoop, that contact will also be added to your myContacts database. Also, a lead captured from your eAgentC website (managed by WolfNet) will be added to your myContacts database.


eEdge is an excellent starter platform for new agents. There are other, more fully-featured platforms out there, such as Top Producer or BoomTown. However, they cost quite a bit of more money than the $15 built-in to your monthly office bill. Many experienced Keller Williams agents continue to use eEdge because they become so familiar with it. There is a Pro version of eEdge that adds more insight to your visitors' traffic and behavior on your website, and more marketing material, website, and campaign themes. The monthly price of eEdge Pro is $100.


For now, watch the videos and read below to get an idea of what's available to you, and some quick help on getting started. This page is by no means a comprehensive guide to eEdge. You will definitely want to attend training sessions and work through the other help pages on this site to get more detail on what you can do with eEdge.

myContacts & myLeads


eEdge's myContacts is your contacts database, and the fuel for your marketing campaigns. It's where you'll want to start working in eEdge. You'll want to import all of your potential and/or current clients before you move on to setting up your eEdge website.


To view your myContacts database, click View Contacts under myContacts in your eEdge Control Panel. You can view and search your contacts database here. You can also manage other features of your contacts such as setting up listing alerts for them, and add them to campaigns.


Where did all of my contacts go?

If all contacts do not appear, press the Reset Search button next to the Search button. This will clear your previous search criteria and show you all of your contacts.

Keeping your contacts organized, and their information well-maintained is a habit that you'll want to start early on as your database grows in size. By using groups, you can organize your contacts so that you can easily add multiple contacts onto a marketing campaign in just a few clicks, and market to those groups differently. For instance, you may group your contacts into A, B, and C ratings. You might spend money on a physical mailing marketing campaign for your A-rating leads, and only place your B and C-rating contacts onto free email campaigns. You could also place your contacts into groups based on their birthday months, and send all of your contacts who have a birthday in that month a happy birthday email.

Once you add a few groups, you can enter your contacts, and assign them to those groups. There are three ways to enter contacts into your eEdge myContacts database...

  1. Manual Entry
    Enter contacts one-at-a-time. Slow, but good for entering between 1 to 20 contacts.
  2. CSV Upload
    More complicated, but allows for multiple contacts (up to 5000) to be entered all at once. This requires a CSV spreadsheet file that contains contacts' information. You can download this simplified eEdge myContacts CSV Import Template that is ready for you to start entering your contacts into it.
  3. eEdge Website Lead Capture
    The final way is to get leads from your eEdge website. Leads will be asked to register on your site after looking at 2 listing details. Upon registering, that lead will be added to your contacts with name and email information.


For more in-depth help, view the eEdge myContacts help page.

To manage groups, navigate to eEdge Control Panel ► myContacts ► View Contacts ► Contacts Tab ► Mange Groups.


To add new contacts manually, navigate to eEdge Control Panel ► myContacts ► myContacts [+] Button ► Add New Contacts.


To import contacts with a CSV file, navigate to eEdge Control Panel ► myContacts► View Contacts ► Contacts Tab ► Import/Export.


myLeads is related to your myContacts database in that any contact whose Status is Lead will appear in myLeads. When a visitor registers on your eEdge website, he or she will be assigned a Lead status, and will appear in myLeads. Also, the number indicator next to myLeads in your eEdge Control Panel will indicate how many new leads you have. By navigating to any new website lead's contact information in myleads, you will be presented with the Initial Contact Wizard (ICW). The ICW will provide you with a pre-set email or phone call script (depending whether the lead provided his or her phone number) so that you can contact the new lead as soon as possible. Changing the contact's status from Lead to any other status will remove the contact from myLeads, but they will remain in your myContacts database with your other contacts.

To manage leads and access the ICW for new leads, navigate to eEdge Control Panel ► myLeads ► New Leads

eEdge & eAgentC Websites

eEdge Website

Your eEdge website is a lead capture website managed by Market Leader, and best-suited for buyers and not-met contacts. Compared to your eAgentC website, your eEdge website is much easier to set up and edit. You can distinguish your eEdge website from your eAgentC website by it's Keller Williams red and gray color theme, and Buy, Sell, Local, and About navigation bar at the top of the page. Also, your eEdge website URL follows the format where the blank space is your subdomain, which is normally your first and last name. For example, my eEdge website is You will probably want to print your eEdge website URL on your business cards. Better yet, you may want to buy your own, shorter, easier to remember domain name to forward to your eEdge website and for printing on your business cards. Once you've added contacts to your myContacts database, you can move on to setting up your eEdge website.


Your eEdge website allows visitors to browse the entire California MLS. Unregistered visitors will be required to register an account after viewing one (1) full listing. The lead capture registration form will appear when the visitor attempts to view a second listing. If a visitor does register on your eEdge site, he or she will be able to view unlimited listings, save listings, and create listing alerts. Your eEdge website is a tool for your clients as much as it is for you.

eAgentC Website

Your eAgentC website is the older of your two websites. eAgentC URLs follow the format where the blank space is a subdomain that you can change to your preference. For example, my eAgentC website is By default, eAgentC sites are faily dated looking, and are certainly more difficult to edit. However, they are more customizable than your eEdge website. eAgentC sites' IDX feed and property search is managed by WolfNet. Because of the difficulty of editing eAgentC sites, we don't offer much group training on them at our office (you can always request a one-on-one help session, however).


Your eAgentC site can perform lead capture, and will automatically feed leads into your eEdge myContacts database. Unlike your eEdge website, you can alter the amount of listings your visitors can view before requiring registration.


WolfNet's IDX is also responsible for feeding listings to your KW Mobile App. If you want to use your eAgentC site and/or allow clients to brand the KW Mobile App with your information, you will also need to activate your WolfNet IDX in eAgentC Admin Section 4.1 - Add IDX Search.

To edit your eEdge website, navigate to eEdge Control Panel ► myMarketing [+] Button ► Manage eEdge Website


To edit your eAgentC website, navigate to eEdge Control Panel ► myMarketing [+] Button ► Manage eAgentC Website

eEdge Marketing Campaigns

eEdge Marketing Campaigns

eEdge marketing campaigns are automated email or physical mail campaigns designed for potential buyers and sellers, and current and past clients. They are extremely easy to set up once you have contacts in your myContacts database. The elements of a marketing campaign are called "touches". These can be an email, a postal mailing, or a phone call.


The types of eEdge marketing campaigns are...

8x8 Buyer and 8x8 Seller

Eight (8) touches over eight (8) weeks. These typically include 7 mailings (email and/or postal) and 1 phone call, and at one touch per week, they are the most aggressive of the three types of campaigns. These are usually where you will start your buyer and seller leads. When you hold an open house, you will want to enter the information of any buyers whom you met into your myContacts database. Then, you'd place those buyers onto an 8x8 Buyer campaign.

33 Touch

Thirty-three (33) touches over the span of one (1) year. These are slightly less aggressive than an 8x8 at about 3 emails per month. 33 Touch campaigns include a phone call touch every few weeks. Once an 8x8 campaign ends for a contact, you will want to place that contact on a 33 Touch to keep you in contact with him or her through the year. 33 Touch campaigns reset in April, so if you see less than 33 elements in a 33 Touch, rest assured, this will reset to 33 by the upcoming April.

12 Direct

Twelve (12) touches over the space of one (1) year. At only 1 email per month, 12 Direct campaigns are the least aggressive of the campaigns. These are perfect for your contacts who have recently purchased or sold a home with you, or are not currently looking to buy or sell. If you're worried about "annoying"  your contacts with too many email, consider a 12 Direct campaign. These campaigns don't try to "sell" your contacts on you. 12 Directs feature helpful household tips, seasonal greetings and tips, or real estate market information depending on which theme you choose.

To manage your eEdge marketing campaigns, navigate to eEdge Control Panel ► myMarketing [+] Button ► Manage and Create Campaigns

eEdge Marketing Materials

eEdge Marketing Materials

The eEdge marketing materials provided to you include property flyers, listing presentation packets, postcards, door hangers, and more. Traditionally, these are printed materials, but they can also be downloaded and emailed as PDF files. You can print these materials yourself, or you can have them printed and mailed by Shutterfly, a printing company that has partnered with Market Leader. You can even purchase mailing lists from Market Leader if you don't have many contacts in your database, or if you don't have physical addresses for many of your contacts. (You can only purchase postal mailing lists, not email address lists).

Most agents take advantage of the eEdge property flyers. You can create a flyer for any agent's listing in our office, so this is great if you need to hold an open house for an agent. Once you've created a customized a property flyer, you can post it in the Market Center Intranet to announce it to other agents, and print some copies on the office copiers to bring with you to an open house.

To access eEdge marketing materials, navigate to eEdge Control Panel ► myMarketing [+] Button ► Create Marketing Materials


DotLoop is a paperless contact management and digital signing platform. The myTransactions portion of eEdge is managed by DotLoop (not Market Leader), so it is more commonly referred to as DotLoop. However, DotLoop does interface with Market Leader's eEdge platform. In fact, adding signers to contracts also automatically adds them to your myContacts database. Transactions in DotLoop are called "loops", and all of the parties involved in the transaction are part of that transaction's loop. This allows agents to share contracts and documents required of the transaction with the buyer, seller, other REALTOR(s), lawyers, inspectors, etc. These parties in the loop can legally and digitally "sign" paperwork shared to them by means of their email address and password.


In our office, myTransactions/DotLoop training, questions, and help are handled by the Compliance Manager.

To access your loops, navigate to eEdge Control Panel ► myTransactions [+] Button ► Transaction Home

eEdge Email

eEdge Email

Your eEdge email address is the second of the two email addresses you receive with Keller Williams. It end in and begins with the subdomain that your eEdge website begins with. Like all of the other eEdge features (except DotLoop and eAgentC websites), your eEdge email is managed by Market Leader.


You'll also remember that the other email address you receive from Keller Williams is your email address managed by Google. So which address should you use for your business?

I recommend using your (Google-managed) email address. You learned about it in the Introduction to myKW videos previously. It's fast and reliable. The only reason you would maybe want to use your eEdge email address is because it keeps a log of your email communications connected to your contacts in your myContacts database.


You can set up your eEdge email on your phone or computer mail app by using the settings on the Email Client Setup page in the eEdge Admin panel, under the Email tab.

To view emails sent from contacts in your myContacts database, navigate to eEdge Control Panel ► myEmail ► eEdge Messages


To use the eEdge webmail app, navigate to eEdge Control Panel ► myEmail ► eEdge Messages ► Go To Webmail



myActionPlans is eEdge's task management system. While there is quite a bit you can do with myActionPlans, new agents find it very useful because of its checklists for various tasks. You can find checklists for holding an open house, what to do for buyer or seller contract-to-close, and even what to to post-closing. You may not want to use all of the powerful features of myActionPlans, but for a quick reference of what to do for a given real estate-related task, they're great.

To access myActionPlans, navigate to eEdge Control Panel ► myActionPlans ► My Tasks Due

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